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YOUR GOALS ARE THE BUILDING BLOCK OF YOUR MARKETING PLAN! We all have jobs in our lives that we must get done. We reach out and bring products into our lives to get these jobs done. Marketing is all about asking, 'What job is the customer trying to accomplish? ~ Clayton Christensen

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Who We Are

We are the experts you can count on to complete the task on time with no shortcuts taken and no compromise on quality. Founded in (April,?) 2011, we are proud to be a company with great people, strong values and continuous growth. We are problem solvers at heart, but we also have the muscle to get things done. We are a team of experienced professionals, and we do things better every time. You can rest easy when we are in your corner. Lean back, we’ll catch you every time.


What We Do

DME Marketing is a marketing and consulting company with keen ears, sharp minds, and a passion for detail. We create, plan and execute marketing strategies for our clients. We are experts at solving problems; we live for challenges and never stop till we find the best solution. We examine every angle, factor in every scenario, and make carefully calculated decisions…Did we mention that we have a passion for detail?